A chairperson’s message to their group this morning.

At times most of us have tolerated and accepted unacceptable behaviours, maybe even abuse! We may even feel or believe we deserve no better treatment. We may come to believe the statements hurled at us. We might take on traits to fulfil others expectations of and towards us.

This is not the truth, it’s not true!

No one deserves abuse of any kind!

In truth, each of us is doing the absolute best we can at the time and that is good enough.  We come to meetings wanting change. Change is a process that unfolds gradually over time and it brings us to awareness.  It frees us to make choices for ourselves that we can live with.

We begin to believe we are to be respected and our needs begin to take on importance! Only when we finally stop to take stock do we take an Honest step to look at ourselves and our circumstances. An obstacle is ignorance in seeing the situation realistically.

In redefining what we know, belief about ourselves, others, and our relationship’s we let go of illusions that have kept us in an endless cycle of repeating self-defeating behaviours & disappointments. We become free from that unmanageable imprisoned feelings that damaged lives/relationships. That endless cycle becomes hope when we move towards step #1.

This is my personal summary from the Al-Anon Works pg 43-46.  Awareness, Acceptance & Action


Pauline L