Covid-19 Meeting closures

Covid-19 – temporary meeting closures

With the Declaration of a State of Emergency by the Government of Ontario, many venues are closed for the foreseeable future.

In-person Meetings

However, Public Health Ontario has advised that Al-Anon is classified as one of the mental health essential services.

If members choose to meet it is recommended that

  1. they stay 6 feet apart,
  2. wear a mask if you have one, and
  3. the meeting takes place outside if possible. If you are sick, it is asked that you not meet.

One of our members has been in touch with Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Heat and received this reply…

  • the groups can only be a max of 10 people if there are more they need to have 2 (or more) meetings separated. Splitting mid way is not allowed
  • each group, whether inside or out should have hand sanitizer or a washing station
  • if the facility allows you to meet inside you can only have 10 people.
  • again keep 6′ distance inside or out. Masks are mandatory.

Important announcement

As the province relaxes regulations about gathering District 4 now has several ‘in-person’ meetings these are;

If anyone questions you, reference article 44 of Public Health new essential services.

If you would like to meet in person and have a venue that is available (as churches remain closed), please send the details to the District Representative or Alternate District Rep and we will post the information on the website for members to meet.

Virtual meetings

We have set up 6 virtual meetings each week until further notice – you can view them on our Virtual meetings page

Please use your Conference Approved Literature, numerous internet resources including podcasts and electronic meetings and reach out to members using your phone lists and video chat. We all need our fellowship in this challenging time.

Meetings confirmed as closed

Here is a list of meetings currently closed, partially opened or fully open due to CoronaVirus  (Covid-19) click the link for more details of possible re-openings…

For meeting closures or changes please check the individual meetings on these pages…

Meeting lists

Also, note that the District Meetings due to go ahead in the foreseeable future will also be virtual until further notice. Please request an invitation on of the District 4 Exec coordinators if you wish to attend:

District Rep, District Treasurer,  District secretary, or Alternate District Rep

If you need help contact us