Permanent Changes

  • CLOSED Thursday @ 8:00 PM, Elmira AFG (St. Theresa Church, 19 Flamingo Dr., Elmira)
  • CLOSED Sunday @ 7:30 PM, Courage to Change AFG (Homewood Health Centre, 150 Delhi St., Guelph)
  • CLOSED Thursday @ 7:30 PM, Fifth Tradition AFG (Calvin Presbyterian Church, 248 Westmount Rd.E., Kitchener)
  • CLOSED Monday @ 7:30 PM, Welcome Home – 12 Step AFG (St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, 10 St. Gregory Dr., Cambridge)
  • MOVED Tuesday @ 1:00 PM, KOOL FRIENDSHIP (First Mennonite Church, 800 King Street E, Kitchener)
  • MOVED Thursday @ 7:30 PM, Journey Together Adult Children AFG (All Saint’s Lutheran Anglican Church, 210 Silvercreek Pkwy North, Guelph)
  • MOVED Friday @ 8:00 PM, New Beginnings AFG (Faith Lutheran Church, 247 Westmount Rd E, Kitchener)

The map below provides a list of area meetings organized by type and time.  To view the complete meeting list, open the map legend (button in top, left corner of map title bar) and expand it (small down-arrow symbol).  Click on a list entry or map pin for more information.

Please Note: Some locations host multiple meetings, which results in multiple map markers pinned to the same location with only the top one visible.